How To Get Over An Heart Break.

Life hit us in different ways. It takes one who has been through an heart break or a major challenge to understand how one feels in this situation. A couple of weeks ago, someone reached out to me wanting to discuss an issue relating to relationships and heart break which were some major challenges the … Continue reading How To Get Over An Heart Break.


Hello people! Hope you are doing well and keeping safe. Please do. It’s no longer news that the Covid19 has been affecting the flow of business activities for most of us in the event industry and even other businesses. I hope we recover from all that has been affected as soon as possible. But regardless … Continue reading 7 TIPS TO PLAN A SMALL INTIMATE WEDDING

…Useful Things To Do During This Lockdown.

Hey people! Happy New Month of April. May this new month be a month of total direction to God’s will for us all and be a month of mind blowing testimonies. Hope you are doing well and keeping safe! We pray this Coronavirus pandemic becomes history as soon as possible. In this post, I will … Continue reading …Useful Things To Do During This Lockdown.

Safety Precautions against Covid-19 Outbreak

It’s no longer news about the Covid-19 “Coronavirus disease ” Pandemic outbreak all over the world. It’s been a rough moment for people, change in plans, postponements of events and a whole lot. What exactly is the Coronavirus disease? According to the World Health Organization (WHO); Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by … Continue reading Safety Precautions against Covid-19 Outbreak

Experience, a great Teacher?

Hey dearies! Hope you are doing great? I am doing good too. Thanks for asking about me too. Last week, something unusual happened to me. I never expected I could get really disappointed by what this person in question did to me. The Event planner Series (1) To be honest, I wish the world could … Continue reading Experience, a great Teacher?

6 Basic Personality Development Tips

Hi everyone! How is it going? As you all know personal development is key to a good life. It is the purposeful improvement of ones behavioral traits, interpersonal relationships, communication skills and attitude towards life. Several times you come in contact with people who become centre of attractions to people, people who you just … Continue reading 6 Basic Personality Development Tips

2020 RESOLUTIONS!… #LagosLiving

Happy New Year 2020!!!!🎉🎉🎉 The year started on a busy note for me! The year is filled with lots and lots of goodies for us here and I promise to post even more often. This year I have made resolutions on many things. First on the list to share with you guys is "Exploring Lagos". … Continue reading 2020 RESOLUTIONS!… #LagosLiving

End Of Another Decade!

I seriously can’t believe 2020 is here!!!!!!!!! The beginning of another decade! It is so surreal.. I am so grateful to God for this going decade that came with lots of growth, blessings and lessons. Looking back on 2019, these last couple of months made me realize I had no idea how great my year … Continue reading End Of Another Decade!

The Purpose Driven Life…1.0 (Book Review)

Hey people! Hope you all are doing absolutely great? Because I am doing well too. A long time ago, I came across a lovely book that has changed my life for good. It has opened my intellectuals and inner to see beyond what life could be. And yeah I want to share all what I … Continue reading The Purpose Driven Life…1.0 (Book Review)

How to Relax after a Long day!

Hello people, October has been such a busy month for me. It's been full of activities, events, and work. First and for most, I celebrated my birthday on the 15th of October, then I had a couple of events and then we celebrated 1015events (my event planning company)'s 3rd year anniversary on the 22nd of … Continue reading How to Relax after a Long day!